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KiZAN Compost Worms, Worm Farm Kits and Big Red Bait

Since 2005 we have been breeding and selling composting worms across Australia. When you buy from Kizan Worms you are buying heirloom stock. Remember when worm farming got big in the ‘80s – these are the off spring of those same red worms.

“Big Reds”, Red Worms, Red Wrigglers, Earthworms, Manure Worms, Trout Worms, Compost Worms, Tiger Worms, and whatever you want to call them, our worms are the superior worm of choice for home co mposting and fishing.

We selectively breed stock to ensure the original bloodline is carried through generation after generation. Our “Big Reds” are first grade compost worms and not a worm mix. They are more active, better breeders and they can withstand harsher climatic conditions than any other composting worms. Our breeding stock is fed a diet of high protein to maximise size, maintain colour and keep them strong and healthy.

Kizan Worms sells compost worms for composting, worm farm kits and Big Red fishing bait worms. You can also buy our worms online. If you would like more information on our worms then please contact us today.

Our Worms

Eat more and grow bigger: they are able to process more waste. Live longer and are more active .

Multiply quicker – more worms to create great castings They are home bodies, they don’t crawl away like so many other worms.

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Stock available 1st October 2015 — advanced payments will not be accepted.